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Anime Expo 2014

So this past weekend has been spent on my yearly Anime Expo trip, and I could definitely say it was a largely enjoyable experience.  Truth be told, I enjoyed this year’s more than last year’s and while it may not have been perfect, the more enjoyable events certainly made it worth it and I had a great time overall.  My anime watching has been slowed quite a bit with Thursday through Sunday being spent on AX but it was definitely worth it, behind though I may be. Continue reading

ABC Award


There are still a lot of series I really want to cover, but it’s nice to have a change of pace.  I’ve been nominated for the ABC Award by NinetyBeats, my blogging senpai who writes a lot of great content and has taught me a great deal to help me with getting on the right track with my blog.  I’ve seen the ABC Award posts on quite a few blogs I follow so it’s really nice to get a chance to try it out myself. Continue reading

Pacific Media Expo 2013


So it seems that I’m still very much behind on my blogging as far as series go, but there’s a post I really wanted to get in as soon as possible while my memory is still fresh.  After a long wait and suffering through lots of schoolwork and studying, Veteran’s Day weekend had arrived, and with that I could finally attend this year’s Pacific Media Expo.  This was my second time at the convention, as I had gone with friends last year after learning there would be a Vocaloid concert.  I really enjoyed the convention last year and it was very enjoyable for me this year as well.  It’s quite a small convention and it doesn’t have as much to offer as some of the really big ones like Anime Expo, but it was certainly worth going to and it being a small convention had a lot of perks in and of itself. Continue reading