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Japan Vacation


Oh man, it’s already been a month since my last post.  I was hoping it wouldn’t be such a huge gap, but I guess that’s how it ended up anyway.  July was a really busy month for me and the biggest reason for this was my 2-week long trip to Japan with a fast-paced tour that went all sorts of places.  It was quite an unusual experience and in many ways very different from America so it was strange to get used to, though it was certainly worth it.  In any case, my Japan vacation was pretty long and there’s far too much for me to make any sort of detailed account of each day so I’m going to stick with some pictures and me giving some of my thoughts on it all.  I’d like to say in advance that I’m a very, very lazy picture taker so there really aren’t as many pictures as there could be and my lack of enthusiasm to take pictures by the end of the trip means no Akihabara pictures, sadly… retrospect it would’ve been a good idea to have at least a few, but most of those electronic stores look identical and a vast majority of shops with figurines and the like (honestly, a lot more stores than just those throughout Japan) won’t let you take pictures either so I couldn’t have gotten too many great pics anyway. Continue reading


Anime Anemoscope Anniversary Year 1: A Year of Blogging, Updates, and What’s Ahead


First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the extreme delay in my posts.  It’s already been over two months since my last post and I imagine it’s pretty clear that I’m terribly behind on my blogging.  Already the spring 2014 anime have been set into motion yet I still have not even gotten the chance to write my final thoughts about those fall 2013 anime, and this fact hurts my soul immensely.  I must say that contrary to what I’ve heard from many sources prior, senior year is a terribly stressful and time consuming year.  If it were up to me I would’ve gotten through all of the posts I planned a long time ago by now, but my schedule has not been friendly at all and while there’s a bit of breathing room this week, I have AP testing, presentations, and a lot more busy work to worry about from next week on and it’s just killing me.  I have but 6 weeks left until the freedom of summer and the future of college are upon me, and I can only hope that I succeed in my classes and that everything goes well until then.  Putting all of that aside, however, I am still alive (well, clearly) and I have not forgotten about nor abandoned this blog.  Once I find the time to regularly post again, I have every intention to catch up on all that I planned to write about and I look forward to the opportunity for that.  That may not be for a while, but as it stands I do have a very good reason to interrupt my schedule to make at least one post now: To celebrate the very first anniversary of my blog.  It’s scary to think that it’s already been a year since I made my blog, the time has gone by a lot faster than I realized.  Since I’m taking the time to write about that, I figure this is also a good time to write about a bunch of other stuff as well to make up for lost time so here goes nothing. Continue reading