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Anime Expo 2014

So this past weekend has been spent on my yearly Anime Expo trip, and I could definitely say it was a largely enjoyable experience.  Truth be told, I enjoyed this year’s more than last year’s and while it may not have been perfect, the more enjoyable events certainly made it worth it and I had a great time overall.  My anime watching has been slowed quite a bit with Thursday through Sunday being spent on AX but it was definitely worth it, behind though I may be. Continue reading

Anime Expo 2013


Well I was actually going to post about a game I finished recently, but it just so happened that the day right after I completed it, I would be busy once again.  Why is that?  Well, the title should give that away.  Anime Expo is always one of the highlights of my summer, and indeed it was quite the experience for me once again.  Though it wasn’t one of my favorite Anime Expos, it was still fun all the same and a fantastic way for me to spend time with my friends while attending a big convention. Continue reading