I made Anime Anemoscope in April 2013 since I decided that I wanted to try out a medium to write out my feelings about anime and similar topics.  I named the blog Anime Anemoscope because I intend to discuss the direction the anime I watch take and see how they unfold.  Well, that’s the meaningful way of explaining it, but in reality I came across the word “anemoscope” from an album for the anime Kanon (which I was watching upon deciding to create this blog) and felt that it was not only an interesting but also appropriate word and decided to go along with it for its uniqueness.

Though the blog has anime in the title, I am also very fond of manga, light novels, visual novels, and regular video games too.  So some people might be happy to know that I’ll write about those as well, at least when I get around to some.  The anime crowd tends to be attracted to those and it can’t hurt to write about them anyway.  So if anything this isn’t just an “anime blog” per say but more a Japanese entertainment blog.  Truth be told I’ll probably write more on anime than anything else, but that doesn’t mean I’ll exclude other mediums.

One thing I think I should note is that I won’t write any episode by episode analysis of an ongoing series or anything of the sort, mainly because I’m far too lazy to post that regularly for any given ongoing I’m keeping up with, as well as the fact that I feel there wouldn’t be a whole lot for me to say with such a short amount of content.  There are other blogs that do this (and probably far better than I ever could) so I’ll leave that to them.  Given the proper opportunity, I may give a (somewhat) brief explanation about how I feel about ongoing series I’m keeping up with, say, at the halfway point or something of the sort (as I’ve done with the fall 2013 anime).  I don’t want to say anything too conclusive about a series when many would still need time to develop to truly prove what they can do, though I think it might be nice to share my thoughts about what I’m watching since those series will take months (some more than others) to reach the conclusion.

As for me?  Well, I’m just another obsessive fan of anime, manga, and the like.  An otaku, if you will.  I spend a vast majority of my free time on these things and as such they’re huge hobbies of mine.  Aside from my fantastic otaku life, I’m currently a senior in high school so college is coming soon for me.  Not sure where that’ll take me but hopefully it will turn out for the better.

My username (Miles vi Britannia) comes from Miles Edgeworth from Ace Attorney and Lelouch vi Britannia of Code Geass, two characters and series that I am very fond of.

I frequent MyAnimeList and am almost always on my account there, so for anybody curious about what I’ve watched or what I plan to see my account is here.  If you want to know what my favorites are or just feel the need to look for something new to watch, look no further.  It’s a good place to talk as well so if you’re up for a chat about anime and such then feel free to contact me there.

If you want to have a chat then you can also contact me on AIM or Skype.  For both my username is rocklee112713.  I’m not always online but I try to hang around there when I can.  Of course, make sure to give me a heads up if you do since I don’t typically get a lot of new people to talk to on either of these so a random message from a “stranger” might catch me by surprise.


  1. Hello Miles vi Britannia!

    Thanks for following me back. Your blog is great and I’d like to read a lot more. I hope we can get along well.

    • Sorry for the extremely late reply, I’ve been busy over the past month and a half with schoolwork and college apps so my schedule’s been pretty crazy. Luckily for me, winter break’s almost here and most of my finals studying is just about done so I’ll actually have free time now.

      No problem, it’s quite nice to see a fellow anime blogger around. And thanks, I’m really glad you like it and I hope you’ll continue to enjoy what I post in the future. I’m sure we’ll get along quite well and I’m looking forward to more on your blog as well.

  2. Hey! I’m making a blogroll, would you like to trade links? http://anime-cataclysm.blogspot.in/ Would also love to here your feedback on my blog! 🙂 – Thank You Very Much.

  3. Hello! I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. I hope you don’t mind.
    You can read about it in my blog post. Thanks 🙂

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