Anime Anemoscope Anniversary Year 1: A Year of Blogging, Updates, and What’s Ahead


First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the extreme delay in my posts.  It’s already been over two months since my last post and I imagine it’s pretty clear that I’m terribly behind on my blogging.  Already the spring 2014 anime have been set into motion yet I still have not even gotten the chance to write my final thoughts about those fall 2013 anime, and this fact hurts my soul immensely.  I must say that contrary to what I’ve heard from many sources prior, senior year is a terribly stressful and time consuming year.  If it were up to me I would’ve gotten through all of the posts I planned a long time ago by now, but my schedule has not been friendly at all and while there’s a bit of breathing room this week, I have AP testing, presentations, and a lot more busy work to worry about from next week on and it’s just killing me.  I have but 6 weeks left until the freedom of summer and the future of college are upon me, and I can only hope that I succeed in my classes and that everything goes well until then.  Putting all of that aside, however, I am still alive (well, clearly) and I have not forgotten about nor abandoned this blog.  Once I find the time to regularly post again, I have every intention to catch up on all that I planned to write about and I look forward to the opportunity for that.  That may not be for a while, but as it stands I do have a very good reason to interrupt my schedule to make at least one post now: To celebrate the very first anniversary of my blog.  It’s scary to think that it’s already been a year since I made my blog, the time has gone by a lot faster than I realized.  Since I’m taking the time to write about that, I figure this is also a good time to write about a bunch of other stuff as well to make up for lost time so here goes nothing.

Taking a look at some of those stats of mine, there’s some interesting data.  To start with, I’ll take a look at my monthly views across the year.  This’ll be pretty fun:

  • April 2013: 53
  • May 2013: 205
  • June 2013: 307
  • July 2013: 692
  • August 2013: 502
  • September 2013: 597
  • October 2013: 486
  • November 2013: 308
  • December 2013: 394
  • January 2014: 912
  • February 2014: 807
  • March 2014: 906
  • April 2014: 1,063

So it looks like those views really started to spike around July, which makes sense considering that’s when my summer anime watching and blogging was in full gear and I had plenty of time to get around to all of those things.  July was a really lovely month and it makes me sad to think that I have the stressful school year to enjoy in its place.  But soon, soon my next July shall come…..  And looks like after that my views in 2013 were fairly high but definitely got lower in later months (which probably goes along with how I got busier with the year continuing on).  But I like how I look at 2014 and that number just spiked again.  I’m not even entirely sure why since my blogging got REALLY slow starting this year, I did go around to a few other blogs to drop some thoughts but I never thought it would have such a huge effect, especially since I hardly made posts around that time.  And it looks like this month actually has the most views despite no signs of a post until, well, now?  That’s pretty surprising and quite encouraging actually.  It looks like I haven’t been forgotten and I can’t disappoint so I really do wanna get back to these posts…..when I get the chance.  The suffering is too strong now and I have an awful schedule but my time is near.

Geographical information is pretty fun too so why not take a look at the countries with my top 10 highest views?  This’ll be interesting.  Anywho, here’s the list:

  1. United States (2,641)
  2. France (431)
  3. Philippines (419)
  4. Germany (396)
  5. Canada (239)
  6. United Kingdom (233)
  7. Australia (201)
  8. Indonesia (200)
  9. Mexico (197)
  10. Brazil (175)

I guess it’s to be expected that America has by far the most views since, well, I do come from America.  Quite a few views from a lot of other areas around the world, many from Europe but there’s actually a pretty neat balance of countries from all over the place so that’s really cool.  It really does make me happy to think the stuff I write can be seen so widely through the blogging medium, so many people to communicate with that I might have never known even existed otherwise.  It’s truly a lovely thing.


Now for something a bit more interesting to you all: My top 10 most viewed posts.  The home page doesn’t count for obvious reasons, so ignoring that, I’m gonna go down the list:

  1. Ao no Exorcist Review: The Life of a Demon Exorcist (1,001)
  2. Platina Data Review: The Secrets and Conspiracies Behind DNA (317)
  3. Psycho-Pass Review: Ambiguous Morality and a Twisted Society (264)
  4. No.6 Review: What Lies Beneath the False Utopia (262)
  5. Katawa Shoujo: Emi’s Route Review: Shouldering Burdens and Running from Reality (225)
  6. Saya no Uta Review: Distorted Morality and a Horrifying Reality (190)
  7. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (2012) Review: The Fabulous Beginning of the Joestar Tale (167)
  8. Katawa Shoujo: Shizune’s Route Review: Relationship Issues and Bonds Between Friends (148)
  9. Katawa Shoujo Review: Disabilities and Defining Oneself (119)
  10. Katawa Shoujo: Rin’s Route Review: An Artist’s Dilemma and Self Acceptance (116)

Well, I knew Blue Exorcist was a really popular series but it surprises me that it has more views than #2, 3, and 4 combined.  Methinks that’s a sign to look into more Blue Exorcist stuff in the upcoming year.  Actually, keeping this list in mind, if at all possible I think I’m gonna try and explore more into all of these series in the year ahead since it seems readers were most interested in those.  Platina Data is one that I’m a bit surprised to see so high but seeing as how it lacked a DVD or BD release at the time that I watched and posted the review I suppose it makes sense that people were curious about it.  Psycho-Pass is pretty popular so it’s not too surprising to see it up there, No.6 also has that dystopian factor though I’m a bit shocked it got that high.  Plenty of my VN stuff (especially that KS) on this list, which is logical since those were among my earlier posts.  I’m really happy to see my JoJo review up there though.  To be completely honest, I wouldn’t say my older reviews were bad but I feel like they do lack a bit in content and elaboration about themes and development from the stories and as JoJo 2012 is a newer one, it has a lot more content and I really did feel like I put in a great deal of effort explaining just why I loved the series so much so I’m glad it attracted some of the readers.  But I’m definitely gonna keep all of these series in mind for when I make posts for the upcoming year, so for those of you who enjoy any of these series, rejoice, for your wish shall be granted.

So with the random statistical info out of the way, I can write a bit about what’s been going on with me.  Well, like I mentioned before, senior year has been hellish and my schedule has been absolutely awful.  My anime watching has been horribly compromised and I can feel my enjoyment of life quickly decreasing.  Yet in spite of all that, not everything has been ruined and I’ve still had quite a few worthwhile experiences to talk about as of late.  Since I owe you all at least some sort of really anime-related post, I figure this would be a good time to detail my thoughts on some of the new spring anime.  I’ve actually picked up a good amount this season and there are more on the way for me to watch, but here’s what I’ve gotten around to so far:

  • Blade & Soul: Mostly picked this one up because one of the Steins;Gate directors was behind it.  But seeing as how this is a one-cour video game adaptation, can’t say there’s a lot to expect from it and having watched 4 episodes I’m not too impressed.  It’s a fairly entertaining watch but I can’t bring myself to care about the cast and the story doesn’t seem to have solid enough development for me to really be engaged.  Admittedly I did like the latest episode but even that was limited and I’m not sure all the episodes ahead could maintain that quality.
  • Haikyuu!!: I’ve only seen the first two episodes of this so far since I just picked it up at a friend’s recommendation.  It’s a pretty good watch as of yet and while I can’t say I’m amazed by it at the moment, it does have potential and it might just be the next Kuroko no Basket for me.  I don’t want to get my hopes up too high but this story could very well get some interesting development so I have to catch up and I look forward to the episodes ahead.
  • Isshuukan Friends.: This one is definitely among my favorites of the season so far.  With a brilliant combination of the adorable and bubbly slice of life atmosphere with sweet character interactions coupled with the darker subtleties of a tragic drama with powerful emotional, psychological, and interpersonal themes, this has absolutely amazed me with the first 3 episodes (I have not seen the 4th but it looks to be just as powerful as what came before, if not even more so) and I can say without a doubt that I love this series.  At first I worried that it may get a bit repetitive but if it keeps going with what it’s already doing, that won’t be a concern for me at all.  If you haven’t picked this one up, I highly recommend it.
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders: This is one I’ve been hyped about for a very long time.  I’m sure you know I’m a huge JoJo fan and part 3 is actually my favorite of the series (largely due to extreme nostalgia) so it’s an utter joy to watch JoJo with animation and a great budget week after week.  JoJo 2012 got brilliant treatment and it seems Stardust Crusaders is treated just as well if not better.  I hear that it’s set for 24 episodes (which I don’t imagine they can adapt the entire manga into) so from the look of it this will probably be a split season anime.  That might be for the better actually, but we’ll just have to see how it’s all handled.  The way things are looking right now though, Stardust Crusaders looks great and it’s just as exciting as it was when I read it.
  • M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane: Well, I’ve only seen the first episode so there’s not a lot for me to say.  It’s still way too early to make a proper judgment about this series.  I wasn’t too gripped by the first episode but there are 23 more for development and the setting has potential to build on what’s been established already so I’m hoping this will impress me and looking forward to what’s ahead.
  • Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: This is one I’ve been looking forward to as well, partially because it seems to be a fairly popular series and also because I’m a big fan of LiSA and she’s responsible for the OP theme.  Needless to say I love the OP.  As for the series, I’m enjoying this a good amount as well and it has lots of potential with its setting but it’s clear that the first arc is there to set the foundation and introduce the setting to the viewers before things really pick up.  At least that’s how it was up to episode 3, I imagine it still is in ep 4 but I have yet to watch it.  I’m not sure how much this one will wow me but I definitely like it so far and I hope it can live up to my expectations, Madhouse going all the way can make some amazing adaptations.
  • Mekakucity Actors: Oh look, another series I looked forward to for a while.  Despite being a big Vocaloid fan I never really got into the Kagerou Project material (only video I ever saw was Kagerou Days, and I quite like the song) so Mekakucity Actors was a fresh experience for me.  It’s kinda like Durarara!! with the Shaft directing style so that’s pretty neat.  I didn’t care much for the first episode but I loved the second since I quickly got attached to Momo and I very much appreciated how they connected the events of the first two episodes in ep 3.  It looks like it’s a series with lots of potential for development and interesting power displays.  The 12 episode count worries me a bit but hopefully it can continue to present a fascinating story.  The next episode preview says the title for ep 4 is Heat Haze Days, and if it’s anything like the Kagerou Days video…..I need to mentally prepare myself here.
  • No Game No Life: This one is also probably one of my favorites of the season, probably around the same enjoyment range as Mekakucity Actors.  The premise is interesting and it’s just an exciting watch in general.  I absolutely LOVE the references (the Ace Attorney and JoJo ones in particular) and it has a really nice mix of absurd ridiculousness and psychological badassery so I’ve really enjoyed it, especially with how intense the latest episode was.  Again, 12 episodes makes me sad, but even 12 episodes of this sort of awesomeness will be worthwhile.  Now to hope that they’ll make more of it later on.
  • Selector Infected WIXOSS: I’m not quite sure what to make of this one.  I quickly viewed this as being a sort of combination of Madoka and C, but with card games.  It’s a story with potential and it seems like it’ll turn out to be a dark series, yet 4 episodes in nothing of extremely high stakes or horrifying destruction has occurred.  For being a one-cour the pacing seems pretty slow in that regard so I’m really hoping it doesn’t suddenly get grimdark and depressing only to rush the ending and screw things up.  I’m hoping they’ll take character development further too since none of the characters leave much of an impression on me as of yet.

I think it should also be mentioned that I intend to watch Black Bullet, Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou, and Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin (TV) once I find the opportunity to catch up to those.  Quite a busy season, no?


Aside from those, I’d like to take the time to mention two individuals that I have a great deal of respect for.  A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet anime piano players Animenz and Ishter in person for a fan meetup, and it was absolutely amazing.  As a fellow piano player (though nowhere near as skilled, of course) I really look up to the two of them and it amazes me just how much they’re able to convey with their piano playing.  I feel like the two of them really have the potential to start something big and I hope more anime piano players follow in their footsteps and find a way to communicate the profound feelings they get from watching anime.  Putting aside how much respect I have for their skills, however, these two are just really chill and lovable people in general.  Beyond being the dedicated and skilled piano players, they’re friendly, hilarious, and just awesome people who love anime as I do and can connect with their fans because they share the very same passions.  Brief though it was, I loved talking to them about anime and the like.  I even recommended them White Album 2 and it would mean the world to me if one (or better yet, both) of them watched it, loved it, and made transcriptions for one of the songs (especially Todokanai Koi since I love that song to death).  Until that day comes, however, I will eagerly listen to whatever they post and appreciate all of the hard work and dedication they already put into their playing.  I even got the chance to ask the both of them for an anime recommendation since it would be utterly amazing to watch a fantastic series recommended straight from these two individuals I have so much respect for.  Ishter recommended me Gatchaman Crowds and Animenz recommended me Nichijou, both of which I’m absolutely excited for and needed an excuse to watch for a while now so I just can’t wait for summer when I’ll have the time for these.

Speaking of which, I have a bit of a yearly tradition with my friends and so I feel it would be suitable to carry it over to the blog as well.  I say tradition, but really all it is is me accepting any one recommendation from each person.  Particularly for anime or manga, but if someone has a video game, VN, LN, or really much of ANYTHING else they absolutely want me to get to, then those are fine too.  I’ll be sure to make a post about that come June when summer starts, but if you do have any ideas on this matter at the moment then I suppose you can tell me what you want me to watch over summer.

Back to Animenz and Ishter though, I even got autographs from them.  Not exactly the ideal autograph, but this is what I got:


Admittedly that day I had a college visit (UC Irvine) and so I didn’t get the time to prepare something proper for an autograph.  I happened to have received that during my college visit to use for the autograph, but I really do wish I had some of their sheets to autograph, or at the very least something bigger.  But alas, I may get my chance in July.  The two are holding a concert (Anipiano 2014) on the first night of Anime Expo this year and my excitement couldn’t be higher.  I’m really looking forward to hearing them play again and hopefully getting to meet them in person a second time to tell them what I thought of the series they recommended.  So much to look forward to but it’s all so far away.

I also attended WonderCon a little over a week ago, and while there wasn’t nearly enough anime-related material for me to make a full post about it, I did buy this:


For the longest time I wanted to jump into the world of figurines but was always driven away by the price.  Well, since there wasn’t much else for me to purchase at WonderCon, I decided to give the figurines a try and bought them for $100.  Don’t know much about figurines and I’m not sure if that was the best purchase but it does give me a nice feeling to have bought figurines for my favorite anime.  I still haven’t gotten around to unboxing it but when I get the chance……it’ll be a lovely thing.  For now, I’m just really happy that I got my hands on some anime figurines and really sad that this might be the start of a shrinking trend for my wallet.


So what’s ahead for the blog?  Well, for starters, in summer I intend to catch up on all of the stuff I’ve fallen behind on.  I’d love to do it earlier, but that just isn’t gonna happen.  I’ll probably make a post about the halfway point for the spring season in a few weeks, but aside from that you won’t be seeing much until summer I imagine.  Beyond catching up, however, there’s a lot to look forward to.  Like I mentioned before, Anime Expo and Anipiano are on the way so those will give me many experiences to discuss.  I’m also going (for the very first time) to Japan with my family and it’s really exciting to think I can finally enter the land home to most of my greatest passions.  There are so many things I want to see and I’ll make sure to take a bunch of pictures for the blog.  Without summer homework and a pretty late start for school (I believe school starts for me on October 2), I’ll have much more time to watch anime and write about stuff so that’ll be something to look forward to as well.  I’m not entirely sure how much free time I’ll have in college but at the very least I hope my schedule is nicer than the unmanageable 0 period to evening class setup I have for some days.  It goes without saying that I’m looking forward to some ongoings too.  I’m fairly sure I’ll keep up with SAO S2 and Illya 2wei come summer so I’ll probably give my thoughts on those (and whatever other random summer series I may pick up), and I’m especially hyped for Fall 2014’s anime due to Fate/stay night’s remake and Psycho-Pass S2.  Psycho-Pass S2 falls in line with more of one of my most read posts so hey, that’s always a good thing.  And Fate/stay night getting the Ufotable treatment is amazing, especially since I’ve finished the VN and have so much to look forward to.  I’m not sure how they plan to adapt it and jumping straight into Heaven’s Feel would undoubtedly ruin the experience for some (as much as I personally would love it with the VN context in perspective) but I’ll just have to see what happens and I doubt anything would end up bad for me on a personal enjoyment level, though development might be hindered depending on how they approach it.  Whatever happens though, it’ll be a blast so I look forward to it.

I have the nagging feeling there may have been other important things I should’ve written about but this is all that comes to mind for me at the moment.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, but I absolutely have not forgotten about the blog and I do plan on getting back to my huge backlog of posts once I have more free time.  But until then, keep enjoying anime and wish me good luck in keeping the blogging going for years ahead.  Happy first anniversary to Anime Anemoscope, it makes me very happy to think I’ve reached this milestone (even if it’s not really all too big and my posting hasn’t been especially active lately) and I look forward to what might happen in the future.  And if you have any summer recommendations you really want to give me then feel free to let me know.  If you don’t have any ideas, well, you’ve got plenty of time to dwell on the possibilities so don’t worry about it so much.  Hopefully I can endure the agonies of senior year and pull through so I can return to the blogging I love.  Just…..a bit….more……

  1. An auspicious first year for an awesome blog. A far cry from my track record…

    Animenz and Ishter are fantastic musicians. I don’t follow them too closely, but from the pieces I’ve heard, their performance skills are professional-tier and their arrangements are very creative. I’ve tried some of their sheets before, but it was above my level. Would love to see them perform live sometime.

    I’ll totally judge your anime picks even though I’m more behind on the season than you are.

    Blade & Soul – Choosing anime shows based on director is usually not very helpful unless they do original works or have a very distinctive style. I don’t remember Steins;Gate being particularly outstanding direction-wise. It was good because of its plot and characters, which of course derive directly from VN source material. Meanwhile, Blade & Soul is what, a Korean MMORPG?

    Haikyuu!! – Hey, if you’re looking to get into sports anime, it may as well be a good-looking one, right? That’s my take anyway.

    Isshukan Friends – I wasn’t exactly blown away by the first episode. We’ll see when I catch up to the rest.

    Jojo: Part 3 is where Jojo finally pays attention to sidekicks instead of just Jojo. That’s a good thing. Road trip!

    M3+WIXOSS – Okada Mari not doing so hot this season? Whatever. I’ll take emo mecha-piloting kids and BATORU

    Mahouka – disappoint, son. Just kidding. But not really? This is the only way I can tolerate watching the stuff:

    Mekakucity – Shaft, so why not?

    No Game No Life – Best taste, A++, One True Wincest

    -I’ll be in Japan a couple of weeks this summer too.
    -Easy senior year is a lie.
    -Enjoy that summer before college as hard as you can. Before you have to start worrying about work, research, internships, or lack thereof.
    -Grisaia no Kajitsu anime HYPE!
    -You have over 1000 in your Plan to Watch list, and you still need more recommendations? Oh, I guess you need suggestions on which to knock out first. The Madoka movies then Princess Tutu. Or vice versa. Yes, they are relevant to each other.

    • Thanks, I’ve quite enjoyed that first year of blogging and while my posting has been pretty inconsistent as of late, I’m really hoping to post more frequently now that summer’s begun.

      Animenz and Ishter really are amazing, I recently started practicing Animenz’s transcription for Owari no Sekai Kara, and it blows me away not only that he could play it, but that he wrote it all out himself. I’ve been playing piano for a while but I can’t even dream of reaching that level, these two really are something else and I’m so excited about hearing them perform in about a month.

      Well I’m replying pretty late so my impressions on some of these might have changed (though I feel most are about the same) but here we go:

      Blade & Soul: That’s definitely true, S;G benefited a lot from having a solid source material to begin with, and B&S doesn’t quite have that. That said though, S;G is one of the few VN adaptations I’ve ever encountered that has widely positive reception from the anime fandom, so I figured there had to be some directing talent there to make such a thing work given just how pushy the VN community often seems. Anywho, the last two episodes of B&S have actually been pretty intriguing for me, and if the rest of the series were like that, I think I could safely say that I do like the series. Problem is that the first half was horribly slow with an episodic form of storytelling that does little to highlight the plot focus and a cast that doesn’t stand out too much. I’d say that Alka’s developed a decent amount, but the other characters don’t leave a very big (or if they do, certainly not a positive) impression on me.

      Haikyuu: The anime does look quite good indeed, and the matches have been pretty well done. Not quite as exhilarating as the more over the top matches of Kuroko no Basket or something along those lines, but Haikyuu has nice characterization and that’ll definitely help it in the long run.

      Isshuukan Friends: This one’s continued to impress me and as of right now it’s my favorite of the season. I just love the balance it provides and the nature of the characterization. Some of the bigger themes are coming into play more with the recent episodes so I’m eager to see how everything will play out. It really is a fantastic series in my opinion, so if you haven’t gotten to it already I would definitely recommend continuing on.

      JoJo: Ah yes, part 3 certainly has a more memorable and diverse side cast than the parts before it, and it’s nice seeing the different characters get the spotlight once again. If there’s anything that drags the anime down though, it’s the fact that it’s a lot slower than the first two parts and part 3 does indeed have a lot of fillery, superfluous content. All the same, however, it really does know how to hit hard when it counts and has what I feel are some of the most badass and hilarious moments in the entire series, and the latest episode was adapted just as well as I’d expected. Really looking forward to more of the great SC moments in animation.

      M3+WIXOSS: Well M3 still hasn’t left an impression on me as the characters still seem largely unlikable and the plot remains very much confusing and unexplained. As for WIXOSS, I’ve enjoyed that more but it’s also a mixed bag. I feel it has a very gripping and engaging story with some interesting twists and developments, yet it’s bogged down by a pretty unremarkable cast. I feel like the only one with any significant development is Yuzuki, the rest just feel like they’re there to advance the plot and there hasn’t been any notable growth or depth to most of the characters beyond their base personalities. I feel like this series could become something great with stronger characterization, and luckily there’s another season so it may use that chance properly, but as of now I feel like WIXOSS isn’t quite living up to its full potential.

      Mahouka: At the time, I probably would’ve said that Mahouka’s one that really isn’t fair to judge given just how much of the first arc was exposition and how much was introduction rather than real plot progression and the like. I’ve seen a lot of people criticize Mahouka’s writing, yet I find that strange given the fact that Mahouka really hasn’t gotten its storytelling going to begin with, which is more a pacing issue than a weak plot issue. But even at this point in the season, not a whole lot has happened in Mahouka and while I hear this arc picks up much more, I’m still unsure just how much will happen as the characters are still limited in development. There’s definitely a lot that has to be elaborated on and I haven’t given up on this series yet, but I wouldn’t call it a standout of the season as is.

      Mekakucity: All those head tilts. Shaft style is in full gear with this one. Anywho, I’m quite enjoying this and the cast is quite diverse, though I worry about how everything can be resolved in 3 episodes. Perhaps it’ll work out, though I really hope it doesn’t end up rushing it all.

      No Game No Life: This one has been so much fun. I enjoyed it early on, but it’s grown on me so much more lately and I’d rank it right under Isshuukan Friends as far as personal favorites of the season. Funny how they’re practically the opposite types of story in just about every way yet they both hit the right notes with what they aim to do so I really appreciate both of them for that. NGNL is intelligent yet doesn’t take itself so seriously, and that makes it so entertaining for me.

      Nice, by chance have you been to Japan before? Easy senior year is indeed a lie, twas a terrible thing but now I’m free to enjoy myself. I’ll definitely make the most of this summer of mine, though my list is getting unsettlingly huge so I might not get as much time to myself as I’d hoped. Well, guess I better prep for the marathons ahead of me. I’ve been interested in Grisaia no Kajitsu since it seems to be a pretty popular VN, hopefully the anime adaptation does a good job. As for the recommendations, it’s less that I need more (I mean, like you said, that PTW is HUGE) than it is I figure it’d be good to give a chance for people to recommend me something since god knows when I’d get to a recommendation otherwise. And as it happens I decided to go watch the Madoka movies on my own so I added Princess Tutu to the list, I heard it’s quite a good magical girl series so I’m hoping I enjoy that as I enjoyed Madoka.

      • I just left Japan a mere three days ago. I’ve been to Japan before with my family, but I was a mere second-grader then, so I don’t remember much. This time I went with just my sibling. We had two and a half weeks to basically explore Tokyo by ourselves, it was a blast. Hope you have fun there as well and visit the places you want to visit.

      • Nice, that definitely sounds pretty enjoyable. My trip finished about a month ago and I enjoyed it quite a bit, it was a big change from what I’m used to in America and I’m really glad I went. Not sure if you’ve already seen it but I made a post about my trip to Japan with some of the pictures I took and the things I bought. I hope I get another chance to go and I look forward to it, preferably by the time I know a decent amount of Japanese.

  2. Happy Birthday dude 😀
    Only hit my Birthday a few weeks back as well and I’m actually surprised you haven’t been blogging for longer than that! For one year you really are damn good!

    • Same to you, it really is awesome reaching that one year mark, feels like an achievement of sorts and we’ve both made it so that’s great. And thanks a bunch, it really is encouraging to hear that a fellow blogger enjoys my work, you’ve put out some great posts too and I’m hoping we can continue to another year of fun blogging.

    • The Otaku Judge
    • April 29th, 2014

    Thanks for recapping your thoughts on all those shows. I find blog stats a fascinating read for some reason. I am saddened to learn that Gibraltar did not crack your top 10 countries though. Cool Gurren Langen purchase by the way.

    • Blog stats are indeed quite interesting to read, it really feels neat knowing people all over go through your content and it’s fun looking at where they’re from and what they’ve gone through most. And that’s too bad, perhaps that’ll change next year? A lot could happen in a year so hopefully there’s great stuff to look forward to. And thanks, I still haven’t opened them so maybe I should get around to that. Those figures have been begging me to free them for a while so maybe I really should do that lol.

  3. Congrats on your first year of blogging!!

    • Thanks, I’m really looking forward to doing more for the blog in the next year. It’s been such a struggle trying to find time for more posts, so I’m glad that I’ll finally have a chance to make them again and to catch up on the insane amount of series I’ve seen since winter break. Scary to think that I’m this behind, hopefully I can remedy this soon enough.

  4. A very belated happy anniversary, lol.

    Nice to see another up-and-coming figure collector and wallet griever xD I’m not too familiar with Revoltech figures but the price sounds about right. Usually most figures like nendoroids, figmas and beach queens should cost around the $50 mark while more major figures like most scale figured cost around $100. Then, there are also even more pricier scale figures which cost around the $200 and $300 mark. Although for the latter, I believe I myself only have around one or two of them, I’m not a very hardcore collector myself :p Though atm, I would love a kickass Miku scale figure.

    • Indeed, the figure struggle is too real. I’ve tried to hold back on buying them so I still don’t have a lot, though I absolutely had to get something of Rin Tohsaka and I found a Nendoroid during my Japan trip so I couldn’t resist buying it. Considering it was about 3800 yen or so, that’s really not a bad deal (my sister said she saw it for about $50 where we live) so I’m content with that. But oh man, I saw that one hardcore Tohsaka figure from Unlimited Blade Works in Japan and really wanted to buy it, but it was pretty expensive and didn’t come with a box (which would potentially be terrible since I had to fly back home and put it in the luggage, hoping it wouldn’t break) so that was a no go. I thought it’d be easy to find online but it’s been out for a long time so there aren’t too many online and the ones that are around are insanely expensive. Being a figure collector is suffering indeed.

      I’m not sure when I’ll get more figures, or what figures I’ll get for that matter. I have a good amount of cash now but I really want to save it since there’s a lot of other stuff I’d probably rather buy. Personally I’m hoping that RightStuf has one of those holiday sales so I can finally get those Aniplex USA products at semi-decent prices. So much I wanna buy but not enough cash. TT~TT

  1. July 9th, 2014

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