ABC Award


There are still a lot of series I really want to cover, but it’s nice to have a change of pace.  I’ve been nominated for the ABC Award by NinetyBeats, my blogging senpai who writes a lot of great content and has taught me a great deal to help me with getting on the right track with my blog.  I’ve seen the ABC Award posts on quite a few blogs I follow so it’s really nice to get a chance to try it out myself.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, the rules go as follows:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.
2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award.
3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

And with that, here’s my list of random delightful stuff about me or of great significance to me:


Ace Attorney – I felt anime would be a throwaway answer so I decided to start with one of my favorite game series.  Ace Attorney is quite close to my heart and the series with Miles Edgeworth, a character I am extremely fond of (and inspired part of my username).  I began playing the Ace Attorney series in middle school, and I suppose I can say it’s my first experience with visual novels (though I wasn’t aware of this at the time).  Interestingly enough, I started with Ace Attorney Investigations as it caught my eye back when it was released, and after enjoying that thoroughly I decided to go back and play the Phoenix Wright trilogy.  I never got around to completing Apollo Justice and still have yet to buy Dual Destinies, but one day I very much want to get to these.

Bones – A pretty awesome anime studio.  I can’t be sure what my favorite one is, though I am pretty fond of a lot of Bones series I’ve gotten into.  In particular, I enjoyed Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood (who hasn’t?), Eureka Seven, Star Driver, Darker than Black, and Gosick.  I imagine there are a great deal more that I’ll enjoy too, so one of these days I’ll have to explore more of the Bones series out there.

Computer Science – Well, I might be jumping the gun a bit on this one, since I haven’t actually really gotten into it, but computer science is the major I’m planning to go with once I get into college.  Reportedly computer science majors can end up making a lot of money (pretty much anything anywhere near the engineering realm seems to rake in a lot of cash, but most of those really don’t appeal to me) and I figure it’d be really neat to learn programming and all of the technical computer stuff.  I find that I’m glued to the computer all the time anyway so it wouldn’t hurt to get some more knowledge about it.

DS – Oh the fond memories I have with my utterly delightful Nintendo DS.  A good amount of my late elementary school to middle school (and a bit of high school too) entertainment was generated by the days I spent with my DS.  Ace Attorney (unsurprisingly), Mario Kart DS, my Naruto games (particularly Path of the Ninja 1 and 2), Pokemon gens 4 and 5, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Professor Layton, The World Ends With You, and probably a great deal of other things I could mention too.  Lots of not so distant but still fairly far away childhood memories here.  Well, Professor Layton was in high school and a good deal of the things I enjoyed were middle school so I guess maybe childhood still isn’t an accurate word to use, but….you get the idea.

Electronics – I suppose this one might be fairly obvious, but a lot of my life revolves around electronics.  No matter where I am, there has to be some sort of electronic for me to use to enjoy myself.  Video games, my laptop, my iPod, a vast majority of my leisure time pretty much depends on electronics, with just about the only exceptions being things like manga or light novels (most of which I familiarize myself with online beforehand in the first place).  While there are some ways I can enjoy myself without electronics, a lot of those won’t last long.  Having gone on campouts without any of my handy dandy electronic devices to enjoy, I can say that it’s a horrible feeling for me when I go for extended periods of time being unable to use them.  I wonder how I could possibly have survived in an older era….


Fabulous – Because fabulous is such a……fabulous word.  I can’t say I’d deem myself a fabulous person, but fabulous stuff is pretty cool.  I mean, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?  Star Driver?  What’s not to like about the fabulousness?  Fabulous poses make everything better, as evidenced by the JoJo above.

Gurren Lagann – My favorite anime and a story that truly means a lot to me.  Gurren Lagann is such an inspiring story and I love it so much not just because I think it’s an awesome anime in general with an exciting adventure and a lovable cast, but also because it has so much significance to me.  Gurren’s a story about humanity’s tenacity and how there is no obstacle that is impossible to break through.  I am extremely fond of Simon’s character and can relate to him in so many ways (well, except for the part where he becomes an extremely badass character with substantial development and I’m, well, some random high schooler who can’t even dream of being so awesome, but that’s a different story).  Gurren’s a story that got me through really hard times and probably the only series of anything I can say I like more as of yet is 20th Century Boys, and that was really hard for me to decide.  Gurren’s the only series I’ve done a review for on MyAnimeList (which you can see here if you’d like, shameless advertising aside) so that definitely means something.  It also means it’s one of the few I’ve actually rewatched, and if I actually had time to rewatch more of the series I’d like I would definitely make another MAL review for those but…..that’s for another day.

Hanazawa Kana – Kana Hanazawa is my favorite seiyuu and it makes me really happy watching a series with her voicing one of the characters.  Of the series I’ve watched, Hanazawa often voices some of the more quiet and reserved characters (Kanade from Angel Beats, Anri from Durarara, and Nadeko from Monogatari come to mind).  However, there are some cases where Hanazawa voices different types of characters and those are pretty neat.  There actually might be a lot more of these than I realize, but the only really upbeat, energetic characters she’s voiced that come to mind for me are Mayuri from Steins;Gate and Shiro from Deadman Wonderland.  Mayuri is quite an adorable character to begin with and Hanazawa’s voice only makes her even better.  Hanazawa also did a great job with Shiro, though the anime covered so little of the series that we didn’t really get to see the greatest of Shiro in the anime and it feels like a missed opportunity.  Then there’s Ayase from Guilty Crown, who’s practically the opposite of most Hanazawa characters.  Ayase’s a lot more hotheaded and aggressive than the more introverted characters Hanazawa often voices, and it was really nice seeing how Hanazawa portrayed her.  There are many seiyuu I really like and it wouldn’t be fair to say that one is better than another, though Hanazawa is definitely my personal favorite and it never hurts to find a series with her there.

ISTJ – I guess this one might be cheating a bit since it’s more like four in one, but I think that’s better than arbitrarily filling in four spots (some of which are better reserved for other things anyway).  Anywho, to explain a bit, ISTJ is one of the categories of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which determines one’s personality and mindset by gauging preferences in relation to four pairs of characteristics (Introverted/Extroverted, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perception).  So with that, you can tell which ones I fall under.  To summarize, ISTJs tend to be very fact-based and logical, typically being quite orderly and planning everything out.  However, they aren’t especially in tune with their feelings or the feelings of others and often struggle to express themselves emotionally.  There’s a lot more to this so if you’re interested, then it might be worth checking out more about it and it’s pretty neat seeing which category you fall under.  Well, mine was fairly obvious since, for the most part, I’m a near perfect fit for many of the descriptions given about the personality type.  Of course, it’s a very limited categorization subject only to a particular range of subjects and focuses, so it can’t tell everything.  A couple of my friends have the exact same personality type according to this, yet are absolutely nothing alike in person.

Japanese – Well, to be more specific, Japanese American describes me better.  I suppose this is a big part of why I have so much love for anime and the like, it pretty much runs in my blood.  Even if I didn’t comprehend it all, Japan’s influence has been a part of my life for a good while and I’m very much proud of it now that I can truly be aware of things of this nature.  Though I still have a long way to go, as I still have almost no knowledge of the Japanese language (aside from what I’ve picked up from anime) and have yet to go to Japan.  Luckily for me though, I am going on vacation to Japan this summer so I’m sure it will be an amazing experience for me and I can’t wait to see what Japan has to offer.  Of course, there’s still one big semester of high school taunting me now and I’ll have to graduate before I can go on my merry way to see Japan in all of its glory.


Kanon – I’ll admit that Kanon isn’t one of my super top tier favorite series and even as far as Key stories go, I have much more attachment to Clannad than Kanon.  However, Kanon is of great significance to me regardless.  Kanon is the series I completed back when I first created this blog and also the inspiration for the blog’s name, so I couldn’t leave this list without a nod to it.  Seeing as how Kanon is also Key’s first work (and pretty much Clannad’s prototype), I suppose I owe a lot of my anime obsessions to this creation so it definitely deserved a mention.  I guess in retrospect, I could have just written Key for K (which I honestly did not realize until having written most of this out for Kanon already), but I think Kanon has earned its place and, well, I guess this can count for Key too.  I have so much love for Clannad, Angel Beats, and Little Busters, so seeing as how Kanon was essentially the start of it all, there has to be some sort of significance in that.

Lelouch vi Britannia – One of my all-time favorite characters (beaten out by only one other solely due to extreme personal attachment) and an utterly glorious protagonist.  Code Geass is a series I very much love and Lelouch is easily the biggest reason this is the case.  Lelouch’s characterization is some of the greatest I’ve seen and his growth throughout made Geass an incredibly fascinating experience for me, all the way to R2’s amazing conclusion.  Geass has a fantastic cast of characters and there are definitely a great many that people can be attached to, but as far as my favorite of the series go, Lelouch definitely takes it.  All hail Lelouch!

Miku – I have a lot of love for Vocaloid, and particularly the great Hatsune Miku.  I still remember the absolute glory of seeing Mikunopolis at Anime Expo 2011, it was truly a fascinating experience for me and I don’t know if any concert experience can ever top that (well, besides an even more glorious Vocaloid concert).  After being utterly amazed by that concert, it was no wonder I was captivated by the realm of Vocaloids.  One thing I really love about Vocaloids is the amazing potential they have, as long as human creativity exists, Vocaloid music can really go anywhere and there really is no limit to just how much great Vocaloid material can be produced.  It’s truly quite a wonderful fandom to have and I have my great Miku experiences to thank for that.  It was tempting to put Vocaloids for V, but I had another (admittedly much simpler) idea before that so this will have to do.  Also, I put up my favorite Miku song, Senbonzakura.  Never gets old for me.

Naruto – Ah, Naruto, the (sort of) start of it all.  While there are other anime I watched a good deal before it (particularly Pokemon, Dragon Ball Z, and Inuyasha), it really was Naruto that got me going with the realm of anime and manga more than any other.  I absolutely adored part 1 and still have fond memories of it even to this day.  Part 2, well, I’m not nearly as fond of it, but I wouldn’t consider it bad either.  I have a lot of fond memories with Naruto (especially in regard to the games and some of my forum interactions, which I owe completely to my love for this series) and even if I don’t worship it the same way I used to 5 years ago, there’s no denying that Naruto was a significant part of my life and I don’t regret reading it even if I find many other series more enjoyable today.

Obsessive – Well, I am obsessive about anime, but that’s not quite what I mean.  More along the lines of my obsessive tendencies and things that just drive me crazy.  As in, I’m the type of person who, when I’m hungry, would rather finish reading the chapter of whatever book or manga I’m on than to stop right there to eat, just because the idea of picking up in the middle of whatever scene bothers me.  I’m the type of person who would spend a great deal of time organizing how things are on my bookshelf simply because it would annoy me for it not to be placed the way I want it to be (I’m not nearly so generous to alphabetize books in a library that aren’t properly placed or something like that, though seeing them unalphabetized isn’t so pleasant).  Things of that nature.  Usually it tends to involve things in relation to order or completeness.  Nothing life-ruining or anything, though sometimes my obsessiveness about trivial things like is more inconvenient than I’d like.

Piano – I began taking piano lessons in second grade, and this continued for many, many years to come.  Piano is a really neat instrument in that a single person can provide both the main melody and the accompanying chords without any other instruments to support it.  Piano is an instrument with a great amount of possibilities and with enough skill and creativity, players can do whatever they want with it and this can make some truly amazing results.  Admittedly, I’ve taken a bit of a break from piano to try out the guitar (which I hardly practice at all due to being pretty busy with schoolwork and am thus not nearly such a great player) and it’s nice to try something new, though I don’t think I’ll ever be quite so fond of an instrument as I am of the piano.

Quiche – Because quiches are tasty.  I suppose it may be a bit of a cop out to pick this since I don’t have a lifelong compulsive desire to eat quiches all the time and they aren’t necessarily one of my top favorite foods, but Q is a pretty difficult letter to come up with an idea for and either way, quiches taste nice anyway so why not?  Makes me want to eat one now that I think about it……


Rin Tohsaka – My absolute favorite character and, well, I suppose I might use the term waifu but that feels a bit silly.  Anyway, a couple years ago I began watching Fate/stay night, and even with the anime and movie alone I found myself incredibly fond of her character.  Even before I began watching, I really liked her character design and she turned out to be the type of character I really like so it’s no surprise, though I do find that I ended up liking her much more than I expected.  Playing through the Fate/stay night visual novel, I’ve only become more fond of her character and she really is one of the highlights of that whole experience.  She was amazing in Fate and needless to say, Unlimited Blade Works did wonders with her being a big focus (as well as pretty much all my favorite characters of F/SN).  Still playing Heaven’s Feel and she’s still awesome as ever, though it’s much less her route than it is a bunch of other characters’.

Super Smash Bros. – Ah, Super Smash Bros., a series of games I spent quite a bit of time on in years past.  I remember when I was really young, I played the original SSB on Nintendo 64, and it was a pretty fun game, if a bit limited.  However, it was Melee that really started the whole SSB enjoyment for me.  A lot of my elementary school game playing involved Melee and it was such a blast playing it with groups of friends at parties and the like.  I remember loving to use Roy and Marth, despite not knowing who in the world they were since Fire Emblem was largely unknown to the US back when Melee first came out (and yet I still have yet to actually play any Fire Emblem games… day, one day).  Then there’s Brawl.  Before Brawl was released, I was incredibly hyped about it and followed all of the news for it, excited about all the characters that were set to come and having a new gen Smash Bros. at last.  And to no surprise, I spent loads and loads of time on Brawl just as I did with Melee, enjoying the new characters introduced and once again enjoying a game with groups of friends.  Since I was in middle school through most of my Brawl phase, I was definitely able to get better with Brawl than with Melee (also in part because Melee is a faster-paced and more difficult game to begin with) and even though I’m rusty now after all that time, I’m still a pretty decent SSBB player.  I haven’t been so fixated on checking out updates for the new SSB game coming out (largely because I’m not in a big game phase like I often was before) but I’m still incredibly excited about it.  Megaman in a Smash Bros. game?  That’s enough for me to throw out some cash.  I might not rush to pick it up and I can’t say for sure how much time I’ll devote to it, but it IS Smash Bros., and for that reason alone I’m positive I’ll enjoy it.

Tsundere – Going back to Rin, a big reason I am really fond of her is because, to begin with, I have a lot of love for most tsunderes.  Something about them just works for me and I find that a lot of them are really lovable.  Maybe it’s because they’re often the nicest people at heart despite putting up a really harsh facade, and some series make great use of that to characterize them.  I might not like every tsundere in existence, but as far as character archetypes go, they’re probably the ones I’m most attached to.


Urasawa Naoki – There’s no way I could’ve missed out on mentioning Naoki Urasawa, my favorite manga artist.  Urasawa wrote 20th Century Boys, my favorite manga and as of yet, my favorite overall series.  20th Century Boys is truly a brilliant manga, with a very well-written plot and an extraordinary cast of characters that do a fantastic job of contributing to the story.  Urasawa is also well known for Monster and Pluto, which I may not have enjoyed as much as 20th CB but still find to be great manga that are extremely worthwhile and very much delightful reads.  If you enjoy reading manga but haven’t tried any Urasawa series, I encourage you to stop what you’re doing and go read one (preferably 20th CB, but Monster and Pluto are also fine choices so no trouble there).  You won’t be disappointed.

Video Games – I was tempted to put visual novels here, but seeing as they’re video games and games cover a wider range, well, why not?  Admittedly I don’t play games nearly as much now as I have in the past, but I still have a lot of love for them.  Video games pretty much made my childhood and before I got sucked into the world of anime completely, games were my #1 source of entertainment.  Not that I wasn’t an anime fan before (quite a few of my childhood games are, in fact, games for the anime I enjoyed) but I certainly spent just as much time, if not more of it, on video games when I was younger.  Probably around middle school (and if not that, definitely high school) that my anime and manga obsession got into full gear, but I can still appreciate an awesome game even if I don’t have the time for a lot of them now.

White Album 2 – Decided to pick this since it happens to be the anime I’m watching right now.  So far I watched 9 out of 13 episodes with my friend, and it’s really good.  Both of the main female characters are great characters and I love them both, and the character relationships and drama work very well here.  And I can’t go without mentioning the utterly amazing music.  It has such glorious insert songs and the OST works perfectly as well.  A guy like me that absolutely loves music could not possibly dislike this experience with such amazing songs.  The song White Album in particular (which I’ve put right up there) is especially lovely.  I haven’t watched the original White Album and I’ve heard that it isn’t especially good, but now I’m tempted to watch it even if only for music’s sake….

Xion’s Theme – Mostly because I really struggled to figure out something, but then I remembered this.  Honestly though, this is an awesome song.  As is the boss battle version of this song as well.  Listening to these songs reminds me of all the feels I got from 358/2 Days, it’s such a tragic story.  358/2 Days is love and so is Kingdom Hearts in general.  One of these days I seriously need to go back and play through all of those.

Yuno Gasai – Another one of my favorite characters, having been my #1 character a few years back when I read through Future Diary.  Yuno was my introduction to yanderes and I haven’t yet encountered one I’m more fond of.  In any case, I really enjoyed reading (and later watching) Future Diary, and I owe a lot of this to Yuno.  Yuno’s a character I really like because even though she can kill without hesitation and fight off a vast majority of the people in the series, she has a really sweet side in that she loves Yuki (for whatever reason).  She was pretty badass in the beginning and I really did feel for her as more about her character was revealed later on.  Along with Tohsaka and Lelouch, Yuno is a member of my Heavenly Trio of Fabulous Fave Characters (the capitalization was extremely unnecessary, I know, but I felt compelled to do it regardless).  Interesting how these three are very different and yet I have such love for all of them.


Zatch Bell! – A manga that I really love and feel more people should give a try.  Zatch Bell is a series that I was first acquainted with many years ago when I watched Toonami.  I very much enjoyed watching it back then, but eventually its American run was canceled, and while I later learned that a good amount of episodes beyond where it stopped in America were dubbed, it was never completed in America.  Nor was its American manga release, which was ultimately dropped a good 8 volumes or so before it could be completed.  Anywho, a couple years ago, I was in a manga phase and I happened to see Zatch Bell in one of my random Viz manga volumes (probably a 20th Century Boys volume but I’m not entirely sure) and remembered it from years past.  I decided to give it a read, feeling I might as well try it out since I liked it before, but was surprised to find that I not only liked it, but absolutely loved it.  While Zatch Bell does seem kiddy and may look hard to take seriously, it is one of the most engaging action Shounens I have ever encountered.  It’s a story with a lot of heart and a bunch of serious development and emotional moments in spite of looking like something 5 year olds would like.  It’s been a very long time since I watched the anime (which seemed to do a pretty good job from what I remember), though as far as I’m aware it changed/removed a lot from the second to last major arc of the series (my favorite ZB arc) and completely left out the final arc, skipping to the final battle of the series…….without actually showing what happens.  That just screams disappointment so I worry about how much I’d enjoy the anime and I’m not sure how much I can vouch for its quality.  But as for the manga?  It’s a lovely read and, in my opinion, severely underrated.  It’s a series I would easily recommend and, if it was ever released in its entirety in America, buy in a heartbeat.

And there’s my list, which took me much longer and required a lot more effort than I had anticipated.  Some of these were quick no-brainers, but others really made me think.  A lot.

And with that, I nominate:

Kori’s Anime

The Otaku Judge

Of course, if you haven’t given this a try yet and want to give it a shot, by all means use this as an excuse to go ahead.  I’m finishing up a bit later than I intended so I probably won’t remember everyone I could possibly nominate, and quite a few people I can think of have already beaten me to it anyway.  Anywho, hopefully reading this list was as worthwhile for you as making it was for me.  I wouldn’t mind doing it again, though hopefully I won’t agonize over what to pick for certain letters.  That’s always a killer.  It was nice to try something different for a change and I really should give some other ideas a try as well.  That said, there’s a lot I still want to write about, so that might take quite a long while.

    • Overlord-G
    • January 26th, 2014

    Most interesting read this was. I know someone who also liked GL as much as you did and was inspired by the manliest of anime men in Kamina.
    Ace Attorney is one of those series I need to get into sometime.
    Rin is definitely one fetching lady and charismatic lass. Her tsundere-ness is also lovely for some reason.
    Naruto got you started big time in anime has it? Not a bad choice.
    ITSJ sounds like something I should look up later.

    • Sorry for the horribly late reply, school’s been getting more problematic than ever and the senioritis is really catching up to me. This reply lag is getting really bad for my sanity……

      Gurren truly is quite the inspiring series, and Kamina is certainly a man among men. Above all though, Simon’s what really made the series for me. It seems like most of the fanbase holds Kamina in high esteem (and understandably so, given the utter badass he is and the fact that he’s the catalyst for the crazy adventures of the series), though I really do love Simon since I can see quite a bit of myself in him and his development was truly phenomenal. But it’s a funny thing, over the years I’ve cycled through so many favorite characters for Gurren, which rarely happens for any series. At some point or another I had liked Kamina, Kittan, and Viral the most in the cast but it looks like Simon’s settled down at this point.

      Indeed, Ace Attorney is truly a series worth experiencing. There are a lot of really engaging cases and the characters are very lovable. Not to mention the outrageous style of it all, nothing beats shouting “Objection!” into the DS and feeling like a lawyer pro when you’ve found a contradiction.

      Tohsaka is absolutely lovely and I just can’t get enough of her. Even with the limited amount of characterization she got from the first anime I instantly loved her character and I certainly got more attached to her as time went on, particularly playing through the VN. I really loved how she was one of the most important characters in all three routes (second only to Shirou for obvious reasons) so that was quite a blast. Speaking of which, F/SN is one of the many, many things I still have yet to write about. Being behind on the posts is really an agonizing thing. And Tohsaka’s tsundere characteristics are absolutely adorable, I’ve always had a soft spot for tsunderes but for whatever reason Tohsaka stands out to me more than any other tsunderes. So many sweet moments in the VN and it’s really amusing when her personality is played out for laughs too. A certain glorious scene with Lancer in particular comes to mind. Wonder if that new Fate/stay night anime will show it? Wonder about what that anime is even gonna have in the first place, it makes me sad knowing absolutely nothing about the content it’ll have.

      I have very fond memories of Naruto, it really did build up my childhood anime fandom and even now I do enjoy keeping up with it even if there are many other series I like more. I’m actually downloading the anime right now and it feels like a huge nostalgia trip seeing glimpses of all these arcs that I watched as a kid. Even if I won’t actually watch through it all for a very long time, I do want to go through the anime just to see how I feel about it all at this point, and to get a chance to actually go through Shippuuden since I never watched more than a few episodes of it.

      The Myers-Briggs personality types are quite interesting to look into and there’s quite a bit of information about it all. Aside from the descriptions of each of the categories, there’s quite a bit on suitable careers for the different types, how people of different categories interact, and even historical examples of each group, it’s really quite neat looking into it all.

  1. Dropping by to congratulate you on actually using all the letters of the alphabet, unlike lazier recipients of this chain award. Good job!

    Naruto was also my gateway anime series (though I quickly gave up the anime for the manga), while Gurren Lagann was my first true love. TTGL was my introduction to mecha, to manliness, and even to moe. Princess Nia was my first anime crush. It was the first series I’ve rewatched multiple times.

    HanaKana (specifically in her role as Nadeko) was the seiyuu that got me into learning about seiyuu. I am reluctant to choose a favorite, but HanaKana definitely has one of the more unique voices out there, or at least the one I can recognize most quickly. (It helps that she is in a boggling amount of current series these days. Just flip a coin!)

    • Sorry for taking so long to reply, I’ve been really slow about that with all the hectic schoolwork lately and it seems I’m only just now finding the time to respond. Senior year is quite a troublesome thing indeed.

      Thanks, I really wanted to make sure I included each one, even if they weren’t exactly perfect indicators of my personality or interests. Guess that’s one of the many things that shows my obsessiveness, and it’s funny how I’ve become a lot more aware of it after I noted it on this post.

      It seems a lot of people have done that lol, many people can’t bear agonizing through filler and it seems like the story being forced to fit with anime pacing (and taking up much more time as a result) might make the experience inconvenient in comparison to just speeding through it all in the manga. That’s why I’ve been reading it but haven’t watched the anime in a very long time, though I do intend to watch through it eventually. I think Gurren was my big intro to mecha as well, I’d seen random Gundam episodes on TV but it wasn’t until I finished Gurren that I realized that mecha really was something for me. Gurren’s a show with a lot of heart and I absolutely love how even my friends who don’t care much for mecha were drawn into it just as I was. It really is a series that transcends the genres it set for itself. And Nia’s a lovely character, she really is a cute ray of sunshine through part 1 and her characterization is pretty strong as far as the Gurren cast goes. I wasn’t such a big fan of her when I first got into the series but I was surprised just how much I really liked her when I rewatched it and I found that Nia truly was exceptional, much more than I had acknowledged initially.

      Hanazawa was one of the first seiyuu I began to recognize on a consistent basis as well and I’ve come to love her voice. Even though some people say she voices a lot of the same types of characters, she really does shine through with her more unusual roles. Just as you mentioned, her performance with Sengoku was utterly fantastic, especially in S2 where her character shifts dramatically and viewers get to see a very different side to her. Sengoku initially seemed like any other character fit for the Hanazawa role, yet she (like many other Monogatari characters) developed brilliantly and Hanazawa very much played a significant part in portraying this properly in the anime adaptation. She’s in quite a few series these days and I really appreciate it, it always makes me very happy to know she voices a major character whenever I watch a new series. Another seiyuu I have about equal respect for would be Mamoru Miyano, who has a very distinct voice yet can do a brilliant job in portraying a wide variety of characters. It’s truly amazing to compare the subtle, darker performance with Light Yagami to his more outrageous and energetic take with Rintarou Okabe. There are many utterly amazing seiyuu out there and it’s because of their efforts that anime has the life and energy that it does and if there’s anything I look forward to with an anime adaptation of a series I love, it’s seeing (or rather, hearing) just how the characters are presented in the anime setting with voices to establish their personalities.

    • Kai
    • February 24th, 2014

    Ahh Ace Attorney! Admittedly, I was a late bloomer into the series. Before that, I could only get cringeworty due to my ignorance of the “objection” fad. After I actually finished the whole series (or at least, any titles that I can get), I can relate, it really is an awesome series. Speaking of which, are there even any news on the localizations of Miles Edgeworth Investigations 2?

    Miku is indeed lovely! And I’m totally envious of you being able to see a Vocaloid concert :\ As for how I delve into the realm of Vocaloid, it’s kinda weird. It all started when I started playing Project Diva F, and after familiarizing myself into the music and characters, it allow me to be appreciative of Vocaloid that much more – turning me into a fan in the process. Have you play any of the Project Diva games?

    And Rin is a good choice for a favorite character, she’s just so awesome xD

    • Don’t worry, I was pretty late to it myself lol. Main reason I got into it was because I saw AAI on the top DS games of GameFAQS when it first came out and I thought “Hey, this looks pretty cool”, so I ended up playing it and loving it. After that I learned about Phoenix Wright and the rest of the series and rushed to play the rest. Well, not quite, I’m pretty sure I knew about PW in some form before, just never really gave it any attention until I loved AAI and decided I needed the rest. But it truly was awesome, never forget the afternoons of shouting “OBJECTION!” into my DS with my parents going “Oh no, here he goes again.” And it seems that Capcom still hasn’t announced anything about bringing AAI2 over to the West so it seems like a lost cause, very sadly. It seems a fan translation is in the works, to my knowledge 2 of 5 cases have been completed, but this is something I absolutely cannot play until all of it is ready so it may be a very long time before I really do get to it.

      It still amazes me that I ended up getting into Mikunopolis. I probably should’ve included the story in the actual post but for some reason I must have forgotten to do so. Basically, Mikunopolis tickets sold out even before Anime Expo, which as I recall is the first time any such thing has happened. Reportedly they were selling more at the expo itself but by the time I found out about it they were (again) sold out. I still remember scrambling around with my friend on the day of the expo, no more than an hour or two before the concert, desperately searching for someone willing to sell their tickets. There were scalpers selling the tickets, one I think sold them for around $50 but others were selling them for upwards of $100, and to be honest I was willing to shell out that kind of cash to get in. But as fate (er, luck, or whatever strange deities may exist) would have it, someone was willing to sell one to me for $15 (the original price before the expo), and not too long after that my friend also found someone who sold him a ticket for the same amount. Truly a beautiful thing and the concert was absolutely glorious, it’s no exaggeration to say it’s one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I still remember the feeling of a Miku high after the concert was done, it was all quite an exhausting but amazing experience. It was all a crazy (but amazing to tell) experience getting into Mikunopolis, and I hope that I don’t have to struggle so much to see another Vocaloid concert in the future lol. I can really do without the last minute panicking and scrambling, and now I know better.

      Er, I went on a bit of a tangent there. But Project Diva’s certainly a nice gateway into Vocaloid. As for me, a lot of friends showed me random Vocaloid songs at different times, though I believe my first songs were Stomp the Enemy by Miku and Eternal Force Blizzard by Ritsu, funny how one of my first ones was an UTAU song of all things. And I have played Project Diva since some of my friends have it on the PSP, it’s quite fun indeed. I don’t actually own it myself though, so one of these days I want to buy the ones released here in America, and I could probably get the PSP ones on an emulator if I actually bother to look.

      She’s awesome indeed, I knew right away she’d be my favorite part of the Fate series. Of course, Fate in general is just amazing to begin with, but Tohsaka is definitely what I love about it all more than anything else. It made me really happy finding out that she would be one of the most important characters in the VN, of course she would have some relevance but she was around a lot more than almost any other character so that was great.

      • As I used emulators, I didn’t really need to shout “Objection”, but I would assume it’s that much more fun^^

        It kinda baffles me. Vocaloid is something I assume to be popular only internally in Japan. From what I can see, it’s fame had pretty much spread quite successfully all the way to the West. That, or maybe the tickets they sold are cheap… xD I mean $15 (the original price at the very least) for a concert is just dirt cheap. I watched a concert before, which too me at least a few hundred dollars. I’m so god damn envious man. Although I think the places Mikunopolis took place at are just too far atm, only thing I can do is hope that they are also planning concerts somewhere nearby here too, maybe Singapore or somewhere. Man, if I go there, I think my reaction will probably be something like this:- (though I’ll be shouting at Miku’s name instead of cause)

        SUPER HIGH.

        Actually, some of Vocaloid’s more popular songs are featured in Project Diva. It’s kinda weird that my interactivity with Vocaloid is kinda reversed. I actually listen to the random bits and pieces of Vocaloid music, before actually playing Project Diva (years later even, I think). And after playing a few well-known songs, I was like “Oh! This song, I heard them before.” Such nostalgia was going over and over again for each songs I recognize, it was kind of an odd feeling, lol. Some of my favorite Miku’s tracks include “World is Mine”, “From Y to Y”, “Strobe Nights”, “Nyanyanyanya” and a lot others, additionally from other Vocaloids, Len’s “Migikata no Chou”, Rin’s “Kokoro”, Len and Rin’s “Remote Controller”, Luka’s “Dye” and might be some others I missed.

        Also, if you know LMFAO’s Party Rock Anthem song, check out this Vocaloid rendition, funny as heck xD

        MMD (at this point, I’m still not sure if MMD stands for a group or a program) animated a lot of funny 3D Vocaloid videos. There are also some Michael Jackson Vocaloid dances I really like as well.

      • Oh indeed it is, something about it is quite exciting, especially when you picked the right evidence.

        It’s crazy how the Vocaloid fame spread over to the West, I mean now Lady Gaga is having Miku open up for concerts and I never thought such a thing would ever happen. Vocaloids are indeed getting more exposure to the rest of the world and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. And yeah it really is cheap, I still can’t believe I managed to get the tickets for that much after the fact, I don’t know if I’ll be so fortunate again anytime soon. Concerts these days are pretty pricy, the nice thing about anime convention concerts is that they typically aren’t so expensive (and typically aren’t quite so big either, though that could be good or bad depending on the situation) so I’ve been able to go to quite a few. And hopefully there will be a Miku concert around your area, I hear there are supposed to be more around the world since there was a site for fans to put where they live to increase the chances of a concert popping up there so it’d be great for more people to experience it. I for one am hoping I can go to another Miku concert sometime before I die lol. I still remember being left speechless at the concert, it was my first convention concert and nothing could replace those memories, there have been some other neat Vocaloid concerts at other cons too but nothing on the level of Mikunopolis so another official Crypton concert in the area would really be great.

        Ah, that’s quite an interesting way of getting acquainted with Vocaloid. It’s funny how random the songs I heard were, I mean when I went to Mikunopolis, I didn’t even recognize World is Mine, if you can believe it. I’ve listened to much more now of course, though I’m sure there are still many big-name popular Vocaloid songs I haven’t gotten around to for whatever reason. And nice list, I’m not even positive about my own favorites since they seem to shift often and I haven’t listened to a great many in the longest time. I really should go Vocaloid song hunting again one of these days, those runs are really fun. And nice videos, it’s crazy how much MMD stuff is out there. I think MMD refers to the program, though I’ve never used it personally. One of the greatest things about the Vocaloid fandom is just how much is created,the possibilities really are endless. I mean, songs, videos, fanart, and a whole lot more, it’s amazing how much personality Vocaloid has thanks to all the fan efforts.

      • I watched the Miku’s performance for Lady Gaga and I actually have a few gripes about it, although I’ll save it for a possible actual post :p Although you might had a good idea if you saw my YT comment. I think if it were Japan, the tickets would had cost a fortune.. actually, it might be so hard to find them it would be almost non-existent xD I don’t think Vocaloid concerts need such a big space anyway, just big enough for the live bands (if they have that) and for the Vocaloids to move around I guess. Unlike real concerts, Vocaloids don’t have a hordes of backup dancers accompanying them, and them dancing themselves are as good as ten backup dancers combined xD I don’t think it’s possible in my country, but I’m going to have a look around at some neighboring countries. What’s that site name?

        Actually aside from songs, these past few days I’m really obsessed with IA, a newer third generation Vocaloid. She, along with Miku, sang a lot of songs for Kagerou Project too, something which I just marathoned sometime ago, but probably need a relisten too (and to re-observe and re-interpret the story). I didn’t watch Mekucity Actors fyi, and probably not planning to – I honestly don’t really need another Shaft material to confuse the already complicated story lol D: I haven’t been Vocaloid-songs hunting much either, I just casually listen to some random Vocaloid radio stations in the internet, lol. Though in that way, I naturally don’t know much of the track names of most of the songs I hear, though it was pretty fun to listen to covers and rearragement of some of Vocaloid’s more well known songs. One time, I hear a Jazz rearrangement of some of Vocaloid’s more popular songs, with some of the characters talking in between each segment, probably to give an impression of a live jamming session.

        I wonder if MMD works like Project Diva’s edit mode, though I’m most probably wrong. Oh, btw, you’re still looking for game recommendations? Play Project Diva! xD

      • That’s a shame, it’s too bad those concerts aren’t necessarily as well executed as they could be but I guess it’s nice for people who might not get to go to a Miku concert otherwise and I imagine it was good for publicity. I imagine tickets in Japan for a lot of things are both expensive and hard to get, in that regard it’s not so bad getting the opportunity to go to concerts in America whenever they do actually happen at conventions and such. The Miku concert coming to LA next month was definitely a lot more than $15 (the ticket I got was $75 but I think there was one around $120 or something for the hardcore fans) and that’s probably not even as extreme as some other concert prices out there. And if I recall correctly, this is the site:

        I’ve only heard a few IA songs but I like what I’ve listened to for sure. If you’ve already seen the videos and/or have any familiarity with other installments in the series Mekakucity Actors probably wouldn’t be all that complicated, most of what made it confusing were the pacing and the fact that the story in and of itself is complicated by nature rather than Shaft’s presentation making it harder to comprehend. It gave it a strange style for sure, but I figure Mekakucity would’ve been confusing under any circumstance. Aside from a few details and missing bits though, I feel like I understood a pretty good amount of it despite having no knowledge of the other Kagerou Project installments. And nice, that’s definitely a good way to listen to some Vocaloid songs even if you’re not actively searching for them. Probably the most I do is see random videos on Facebook and watch if I care to, otherwise I’ve been way behind on the times.

        Too many things to get around to LOL. I totally wish I could pick up all the things you’re telling me to, and I have no doubt I’d like them, but I just don’t have the time. TT~TT I’ve made so little progress on my summer list and I only have a few more weeks, it’ll definitely carry over into the rest of the year. Even sticking with just one recommendation from each person is a killer, there’s just never enough time to get around to anything even with such a long summer.

    • The Otaku Judge
    • April 3rd, 2014

    Congrats on the award. If you like Bones stuff you might want to check out Rahxephon. You are a fan of Gurenn Lagan? What do you think of Kill La Kill?

    • Thanks, and that’s definitely one I’ve wanted to try out for a while but I just haven’t gotten the chance. From what I’ve heard, it’s a mecha series reminiscent of Evangelion so I imagine I would enjoy it if that’s the case.

      As for KLK, I enjoyed it a lot and overall I really like it. It has a very similar style and atmosphere to Gurren Lagann and while it isn’t quite the same type of story, I feel like a lot of Gurren fans would get a thrill from KLK. Personally I’d say KLK isn’t the biggest on depth or development and while it does have some relevant themes throughout, I feel it’s one of those stories that you’d primarily go into for the energy and enjoyment factor (whereas with Gurren I genuinely feel that even beyond said elements there’s a lot more in terms of thematic value, development, and subtlety). That said though, even as someone obsessed with character development (which admittedly, KLK is a tad limited in), the series was very entertaining for me and I really had fun watching it weekly. I’m actually going to go to a KLK event at Anime Expo next month and I’m really excited about it, having a bunch of great guests along with such a passionate and energetic audience should be quite the memorable experience.

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