1. Kill la Kill is a show for a pretty niche audience in my opinion. You have to love the over the top action and animation to fully appreciate it. I’m curious for Golden Time, you’ve been raving about it for quite some time now:p

    • KLK is definitely one that depends highly on taste, and those who don’t care for its style probably won’t be able to get into it. And I have a lot of love for Golden Time, it has a well-developed cast and an interesting premise. I’m not sure how much things will progress in the latter half of the anime but the first half has certainly impressed me a bunch and I’m looking forward to the rest.

    • Kai
    • December 31st, 2013

    Exactly the reason why I didn’t want to watch Blazblue, since I already finished the game, lol. I was always skeptical with anime adapted from games, and it seems my doubt is a welcoming thing in this case.

    More over-the-top actions from Kill la Kill indeed, and to add to that “shameless” actions too. It’s not what I called the greatest anime unlike some, but it is a good anime indeed.

    I didn’t watch Kuroko no Basuke S2 yet, since I planned to marathon it, but really liked S1. And the music is just so damn awesome, too bad a lot of them (especially the tracks for the basketball matches) aren’t available on the OST album.. >_>

    Kyoukai no Kanata – it’s all about the megane.

    I was one of those people claiming LB’s weak anime adaptions, but certainly NOT the case for Refrain though, in fact, I think Refrain’s awesome, the scenes were just so emotionally strong. As expected of Key, most of their works honestly need time in order to be appreciative. And likewise with LB, without all those build-up, I don’t think Refrain will be just as good (though previous season of LB’s anime adaption is still bad imo though).

    • If you’ve already played the game then you probably have everything you need. Some people say that you need the understanding of the game to appreciate the anime, but I’ve heard many fans of the game say the adaptation is just a really watered down, badly paced version of the game’s story without any real explanation. Perhaps I’d enjoy it more with knowledge of the game, though it might just be that it’d make its flaws more obvious, I can’t say.

      KLK’s as exaggerated and fun as always. It bothers me a bit when I see people say that Kill la Kill has “saved the anime industry” and things like that (in large part because I really don’t feel anime needs saving, only closed-minded people would argue every new anime is bad), but regardless of all that, KLK is a great deal of fun and while it might not have the most depth, it does what it’s going for very well and it’s a really exciting watch so that’s what matters.

      That might be for the better as the first half isn’t particularly amazing. The matches are enjoyable and it’s essentially the same as the rest of the series, but nothing on the gloriously memorable tier from S2 quite yet. S1 was a lot of fun so I looked forward to S2 for a long time. Sadly though, the soundtrack for S2 is different from S1’s, and while I do like it for the most part, it’s not as exciting as S1’s in my opinion, sadly.

      The megane indeed. Those Kyoukai characters have some very interesting fetishes, that’s for sure. Akihito and Hiroomi are too funny.

      Refrain is quite awesome, I’ve been blown away by it throughout and it’s been such an emotional ride for me. I heard a lot of complaints about the Little Busters! adaptation of S1, and I could understand that since I personally felt LB! S1 wasn’t as great as most of the other Key series as enjoyable as I found it. But with the conclusion of Refrain I can confidently say the LB! anime as a whole is certainly worthy of being ranked with the other Key adaptations and I found it to be a fantastic watch. S1 may not have been the greatest watch, but it’s definitely a necessity to get the most out of Refrain, especially since Refrain’s only a 13 episode run.

    • The Otaku Judge
    • January 4th, 2014

    Shame that Blazblue was meh, but then again most animes based on games are. I saw episode 1 of Kill La Kill at the London Comic Con and loved it. I’m looking forward to watching the rest in the future.

    • That does seem to be the trend apparently. Sad how the BlazBlue anime itself acknowledged that most video game adaptations tend to be a flop yet failed to do anything to make itself stand above the rest. Well, at least now I have more motivation to play the games I suppose. And awesome, hope you enjoy the rest of it, KLK sticks to the high-energy, adrenaline pumping action throughout so if you enjoyed that in the first episode then there’s a lot more to come in the episodes ahead.

  1. January 24th, 2014

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