1. I have issues with the style of Machine Doll, the manga was very good looking and the story wasn’t all over the place. I find the anime adaptation messy because the backstory is quite ‘heavy material’ to understand in my view. And they quickly push it through the dialogue, while the manga from the portions I’ve read was more clear on the subject.

    I watch Kill la Kill and you have to love the style or else you’ll be disappointed. I liked the overall look and feel of Gurren Lagan, but it wasn’t mindblowing. So I enjoy it, but liking it is something else.

    Kyoukai no Kanata was supposed to be the interpretation of KyoAni’s take on horror. And it isn’t as ‘horrific’ as it should be considering the subject matter. The show did really shine in the idol sequence, that was perfectly executed and I enjoyed it to the fullest. I realised that KyoAni is best at the cutesy stuff, the moment they try something else, the results aren’t as good as you’d hope for.

    Good post, I wanted to know your take on the whole season. Normally you’d drop a comment somewhere in my impressions xd

    • I haven’t read the manga or the novels so I don’t have anything to compare it to and that’s probably for the better since I’m enjoying it. I get what you mean though, the backstory is given a bit randomly and it does feel a bit rushed in how it’s presented. Machine-Doll has been a fun ride (still have to see the last episode but that’s about it) but 12 episodes is really quite a limited time for development and it’s sad to think we might not get more of it.

      Kill la Kill is definitely the type of series where you really need to appreciate the style to get the most out of it. It’s a load of fun and always action-packed, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Gurren’s an anime that’s quite close to my heart and I could say a lot about why I feel it’s a masterpiece, though it all does come down to personal taste. I feel like KLK picked up faster than Gurren did, though it hasn’t quite presented as much depth as Gurren and I still can’t be sure how good it will be by the end, but it’s been a fantastic watch for me and I look forward to one more season.

      Kyoukai no Kanata is certainly a dark series but it never struck me as one that was truly aiming for horror. Perhaps that’s because it’s a KyoAni series in the first place? Even though it can be a serious story at times and is a lot more, I guess intense is the word, than most other KyoAni works, it always felt very much like it stuck to the KyoAni style (probably because of the lighthearted comedy stuff and the idol episode). In any case, I enjoyed Kyoukai no Kanata for the most part, though it’s probably one of my least favorite KyoAni works and far from being the top series of the season for me. Not a bad watch by any means, but not a glorious one either.

      My schedule had been pretty packed so I wasn’t able to get to nearly as much as I wanted to in a timely fashion, but luckily there’s much more time for me to do that now and I’ve been able to post a lot more recently as a result.

  2. lol Seems like you have been busy. The only ones I plan to watch from Fall season are: Gingitsune (because I’m very fond to yokai related stuff) and Kill la kill (it looks hilarious. I’ve seen some gifs of it, and it looks like something I’ll def enjoy).

    • Indeed I have, it’s been a crazy past few months but I’m glad I survived. One more semester to go and I’ll be finished with high school….

      Haven’t heard a whole lot about Gingitsune but I’ll look into it more, seems like it could be a pretty good series. And Kill la Kill is a load of fun, at least for me. All the over the top outrageousness and fast-paced fun one could ask for. It’s definitely funny but also has its badassery too, the fights are great and the series is definitely intense when it needs to be. I have high hopes for it and I’m eagerly awaiting its continuation.

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