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Pacific Media Expo 2013


So it seems that I’m still very much behind on my blogging as far as series go, but there’s a post I really wanted to get in as soon as possible while my memory is still fresh.  After a long wait and suffering through lots of schoolwork and studying, Veteran’s Day weekend had arrived, and with that I could finally attend this year’s Pacific Media Expo.  This was my second time at the convention, as I had gone with friends last year after learning there would be a Vocaloid concert.  I really enjoyed the convention last year and it was very enjoyable for me this year as well.  It’s quite a small convention and it doesn’t have as much to offer as some of the really big ones like Anime Expo, but it was certainly worth going to and it being a small convention had a lot of perks in and of itself. Continue reading

Chobits Review: The Divide Between Humans and Computers


It is truly a bad thing when I look at my anime/manga history on MyAnimeList and notice that a series doesn’t even show up because I finished it that long ago.  And indeed, the dilemmas of homework, tests, college apps, and all that other wonderful goodness have taken their toll as I’ve fallen way behind on my blogging.  I suppose three/four weeks isn’t necessarily something too long, but it’s not exactly the greatest of ideas to write about it after that much time.  In favor of taking a break from a dull calculus homework run, I decided I better start catching up.  In any case, the series (or at least, one of them, there’s more, unfortunately….) that I’ve finished so long ago that it isn’t on my history anymore is Chobits.  Chobits was quite an enjoyable watch with a nice balance between lighthearted comedy and emotional drama.  Chobits is one I’d known about for a while but only just recently got around to, and I’d say it’s certainly worth it.  That said, it was made a while back so I wouldn’t be surprised if most people already got to it long before I did. Continue reading