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Blogspotlight: Anime Anemoscope

Well I’m a bit (er, a lot) late in getting to this, but thanks a bunch for letting me be the first person interviewed for the blog spotlight. I’m really glad to see that people responded to it well and I can’t wait to read through the responses of the next person interviewed. Hopefully the interview got people more interested in my blog, and now the people who already read what I write have a better idea about me as well. Can’t wait to see what else the blogging world has in store for me.

Ninety's Blog

blaa1Blogrolls can be an effective way to spread the word for your site. In the wake of generating traffic to a blog, I want to dedicate a spotlight post in which I ask the author of a blog to give his or her take on their blog. The first blog is Anime Anemoscope.

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