Platina Data Review: The Secrets and Conspiracies Behind DNA


So with my post about the first movie I saw in San Francisco done, I might as well write about the second.  The other movie I saw is one titled Platina Data, also known as Platinum Data.  Platina Data was quite the intriguing watch, though a very different story from Rurouni Kenshin.  While Rurouni Kenshin was a more action-packed historical setting movie, Platina Data is futuristic with some sci-fi elements and a much more psychological storyline.

Platina Data revolves around the role of DNA in Japanese society.  Detective Reiji Asama is searching for a homicide suspect, though the police force has been unable to locate the killer.  He then meets Kagura Ryuhei, a scientist in charge of DNA analysis.  Kagura is intelligent, though he thinks in a strictly logical manner, saying that people are simply a bunch of DNA and that the DNA is what makes people who they are above all else.  Kagura presents a system that uses data of the DNA from the people of Japan in order to locate criminals in an attempt to fight against crime.  However, another murder takes place and Kagura’s DNA is found on the corpse, forcing him to escape in order to avoid arrest.  Kagura then investigates in order to find the Platina Data, which would reveal the secrets behind the DNA analysis system.  Of course, not everything is as it seems and there are many shocking truths that are revealed over the course of the story.

As Platina Data is essentially a psychological thriller, it’s important that the plot is interesting, and overall I felt the story did a good job.  There are a number of developments to keep viewers on their toes and the atmosphere remains intense and mysterious throughout.  With both Kagura’s attempts to avoid the police and his discoveries regarding the many secrets kept by the authorities, the story remains both urgent and intriguing as it never feels too fast or slow for very long.  The plot itself is consistent and at the same time reveals about the cast and an interesting presentation of themes makes for a very enjoyable watch.


Most of the cast of Platina Data isn’t quite as strong as the story, but the characters certainly do their job for the sake of plot purposes.  Kagura is easily the most developed of the characters as many revelations about his past and even his very mind are revealed as the story progresses.  Kagura’s character development ties in very closely to the story itself as his role is the most important of all of the cast for reasons that the story reveals.  Asama doesn’t receive the same development as Kagura, although he also plays a very important role in the story.  Asama suspects that the DNA system cannot be perfect, and as he investigates further into the murders and mysteries that take place, his worries of foul play quickly become more than mere suspicions.  In great contrast to the strictly evidence-based mindset of Kagura, Asama acts a bit more on intuition and his instinct helps him significantly throughout.  There are a number of other side characters who connect closely to the mysterious cases and Kagura’s past, and though they don’t receive great development they are quite relevant to the mystery at hand and the events that unfold.

Seeing as how DNA is one of the driving forces of Platina Data’s story, it makes sense that the themes would connect very closely to DNA.  As mentioned before, Kagura believes that DNA is all there is to a human being, though the movie explores this a bit more.  Is DNA truly the sole deciding factor in determining a person’s destiny?  Perhaps there is more to the human race than just the DNA that makes it up, and the plot twists of the movie show that the issue of DNA is not as clear-cut as it might seem.  Beyond that however, the usage of DNA in the movie is also used to present moral questions.  Is it right for the DNA of each person in society to be stored?  Can this be used to harm society more than help?  Though the DNA technology is presented as flawless and perfect, this may not be the case at all as many secrets behind it conceal the dark realities hidden under everything else.

Platina Data was an entertaining watch, and though it might not have been the strongest in terms of character development, the story remained interesting throughout and some interesting themes were displayed in the movie.  Those who enjoy sci-fi thrillers with mystery and psychological elements will most likely enjoy this movie.  Platina Data ends up at an 8/10 for me.  Truth be told I don’t often watch live-action movies, as much more of my time is spent on anime, manga, and, to a lesser extent, video games.  However, both this and the Rurouni Kenshin movie were enjoyable watches for me and I hope that I can give some more live action movies or dramas a watch to explore those a bit more.  Chances are most of the ones I get to will be adaptations of anime or manga series I enjoyed, but I wouldn’t mind seeing an entirely unrelated series as it could be a new but very interesting experience for me.



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