Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off Review: Days of the Generation of Miracles


Just finished Kuroko no Basket: Tip Off, which is a special episode for the Kuroko no Basket anime.  Speaking of which, I would highly recommend it to those who have yet to see it.  I’m personally not much of a sports fan, but Kuroko no Basket really caught me because of its fast-paced, over-the-top game style and the basketball games were always really exciting in this series.  The characters are also quite likeable as well and it’s entertaining to see how they compete with one another.

But anywho, back to Tip Off.  Tip Off is actually a prequel episode that shows some of the events that took place at Kuroko’s middle school along with the other members of the Generation of Miracles.  The episode primarily focuses on Kise, who in this episode is just starting to join the Teiko basketball team, and Kuroko, who serves as a sort of mentor for Kise at the time.  However, the other GoM members do make their appearances, which is nice because Murasakibara and Akashi get some screen time as opposed to the very brief cameos they had in the final episode of the TV anime’s first season.  Kise proves to be a skilled basketball player, and just like any other character in the series, he sees Kuroko and cannot understand why he is one of team’s regular players upon observing his poor individual skill and lack of athletic ability.  Of course, he soon comes to discover the skills that make Kuroko so notable soon enough.

Obviously one episode won’t be enough to give a large perspective of Kuroko’s middle school days, but it does give a nice peek into what it was like.  It’s interesting to observe how the characters act, as both Kise and Aomine are distinctly different from how they are in the TV series for reasons watchers are already aware of.  Other events, such as Momoi’s moment with Kuroko, are also seen in this episode so it was quite nice to watch.  There’s only one real “game” per say (ignoring practice and the like) so there isn’t a whole lot of what makes Kuroko truly captivating in this episode, but it does have the same feel as the series overall and it’s interesting to see the chemistry between Kise and Kuroko as Kise begins his basketball career.  The comedy in this episode is also quite amusing and is basically the same as the humor in the rest of the series.  Kuroko’s ninja tendencies were the same back then as they are later on, and apparently even Teiko had its share of randomness considering how serious it was implied to be.

Since it’s only one episode, there isn’t really a whole lot to say.  As a short but enjoyable special, Tip Off earns an 8/10 from me.  It’s only one episode, but it’s one that anybody who enjoyed the TV anime should definitely see and an enjoyable way to satisfy one’s Kuroko fix while suffering the long wait for season 2 to begin.  I for one cannot wait for the second season, so getting another episode of Kuroko before then was quite pleasant and now I’m even more excited about seeing Murasakibara and Akashi in action.


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